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Riddle's Court is steeped in history. A visit to our building is a journey through 500 years: each painstakingly restored room resonant of a different chapter in this complex tale, from the banquet of King James I and VI to the arts and crafts dining hall of Edinburghs first university residencies. 

We encourage everyone to join us on a tour to discover this rich building and the tales of those who have occupied it over the centuries, such as Baillie McMorran, David Hume, Alexander Seaton and Dame Maggie Smith. Our innovative circulation spaces have been stripped back to reveal how Riddles Court has physically evolved and adapted – a unique example of Old Town architecture. The following panes offer virtual visitors a glimpse of and brief introduction to these spaces.



Riddle’s Court has re-opened following a painstaking £6m restoration by our parent charity, Scottish Historic Buildings Trust.

A unique survival - an A-listed 16th century courtyard house in Edinburgh’s Old Town World Heritage Site – it contains a significant architectural features, including a rare 16th century painted board and beam ceiling, an early 17th century plaster ceiling and a late 19th century hand-painted ceiling by T.K.Bonnar.

The restoration process uncovered many long-forgotten features, such as the 16th century fire place from the time of the King James Banquet hidden behind a Victorian hearth. In every corner, behind every plaster wall, lay more clues to the building’s centuries of evolution and the generations of very different occupants.

Throughout the project, the project architects and SHBT worked closely with restoration and archaeological specialists, employing sensitive and often innovative techniques to respectfully unearth and restore the many chapters of Riddle’s Court history.

In this section we offer a glimpse into the restored building, but should you wish to find out more regarding the work of SHBT, techniques employed or specific aspects of the building, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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