McMorran Room

We're not sure exactly what this darkly panelled room was used for. The large press or wall cupboard on one wall might suggest this was a study with the press containing ledgers, scrolls, writs and seals. So maybe it was the office of Bailie John McMorran, the high ranking magistrate who built Riddle's Court in 1587.

Tucked away down a couple of steps and overlooking the inner courtyard it certainly has that feel about it and SHBT often used it for project meetings during the planning stages of the restoration work.

The original builder

We've made this room the information hub for the building project so it's fitting to name the room after McMorran, the original builder.

Here we tell the fascinating story of piecing together the clues to get a picture of how Riddle's Court was originally configured. We also tell the recent story of how the architects have transformed the buildings into a wonderful hybrid - a functioning modern centre elegantly nestled within a tangible and highly atmospheric historic shell.

The room contains display trays featuring many remnants from past centuries, both domestic and architectural, which were brought to light during the process of restoration.

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