Family Life

It was six or so years on from his Mexican adventure that Geddes embarked on his seminal work in Edinburgh’s Old Town. In 1886 he married Anna Morton, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Anna was Patrick’s rock, supporting him emotionally and sometimes financially in all his ventures. (They lived frugally but he always needed money for his schemes.)

Geddes’ Family

Their children, Norah, Alasdair and Arthur sometimes suffered some emotional neglect as a result of their parents’ strong partnership bound by both love and idealism. And Geddes could be a demanding father, expecting his children to carry the flame of his beliefs.

Anna for the most part though was able to steady things. Amelia Defries wrote of Anna,”…the calm lady who could bring order out of chaos. Even more valuable…was her ability to tone down Pat’s cerebral high-voltage when some bewildered soul was in danger of electrocution.”