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    Elizabeth I

    February 1st. Elizabeth I, Queen of England signs the death warrant of Mary Queen of Scots.

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    Mary Queen of Scots

    February 8th. Mary is beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle, England. Her son James becomes James VI of Scotland.

  • 1587

    Merchant and Bailie John McMorran, one of the wealthiest traders in mercantile Edinburgh buys the property now known as Riddle’s Court.

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    Nestled in the midst of compact closes

    McMorran builds his comfortable and secure new mansion house and lays out formal gardens. It is known as McMorran Court.

  • 1592

    First Edinburgh census records 2,239 households and 8,003 adult inhabitants.

  • 1595

    John McMorran is shot dead trying to quell a schoolboy riot. His brother Ninian becomes Master of McMorran Court.

  • 1598

    No Expense Spared

    Two lavish banquets are held at Riddle’s Court, one by the royal couple and one by the Town Council to honour the visit of the Duke of Holstein. A painted ceiling is commissioned with symbols of Scotland and the Holy Roman Empire.