• Union of the Crowns image


    Union of the Crowns

    King James VI succeeds to the English throne.

  • 1616

    Alexander Seton, Chancellor of Scotland, resides part times at Riddle’s Court. 1620 is the possible date when he commissioned the plastered ceiling in the Seton Room.

  • Succession of Charles I image


    Succession of Charles I

    Death of James VI and I. Succession of Charles I

  • 1630

    The McMorran family sells Riddle’s Court to Sir John Smith of Grothill, Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1643-46, an even higher-ranking individual than John McMorran.

  • 1649

    Execution of Charles I.

  • Restoration of Charles II image


    Restoration of Charles II

    Restoration of Charles II and the beginning of the constitutional monarchy.

  • 1676

    Politician, Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Baron of Nov Scotia, forecloses on Sir John Smith and takes ownership of Riddle’s Court.

  • 1684

    Sir Roderick Mackenzie, a high-ranking advocate, buys part of Riddle’s Court. He was a supporter of the Stuart Kings as the CRII cypher in the ceiling in the Norie room reveals. Because the numerals are inscribed backwards some have interpreted them as 1648.

  • 1685

    Death of Charles II.