• England & Scotland united image


    England & Scotland united

    Act of Union whereby England and Scotland are united as a single sovereign state known as Great Britain.

  • 1714

    Death of Queen Anne and the accession of George I. The beginning of the Hanoverian dynasty.

  • 1715

    The First Jacobite Rebellion in the cause of James Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender.

  • 1726

    George Riddell builds a property on the Lawnmarket in front of Riddle’s Court and the close becomes known as Riddel’s Land. Why the name of Riddel should have stuck is itself a riddle as we know almost nothing about him.

  • Second Jacobite Rebellion image


    Second Jacobite Rebellion

    The Second Jacobite Rebellion in the cause of Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender.

  • The New Town comes to life image


    The New Town comes to life

    The construction of Edinburgh’s New Town begins which starts to attract the merchants and the aristocrats ‘across the loch’. The beginning of the decline of Riddle’s Court.

  • 1775

    Thirty-year old James Pillans moved his printing business here in 1775 where it remained until 1827. The company was the forerunner of the famous Pillans & Wilson that continues to trade from premises on Leith Walk. In 1825 Riddle’s Court also functioned as a Saddlery Warehouse.