• 1905

    United Free Church Mission at Riddle’s Court

  • 1913

    Geddes uses the Valley Section model to inform early designs for Edinburgh Zoo.

  • 1932

    Patrick Geddes, the most inspirational owner of Riddle’s Court, dies in Montpellier, Provence.

  • 1935

    The Reid Memorial Mission occupies Riddle’s Court.

  • 1935

    The Fetlor Boys Club is recorded as occupying part of Riddle’s Court. The oldest youth club in Scotland was founded in 1924 to help the sons of working class soldiers who had fallen alongside their comrades from Fettes and Loreto Schools.

  • WWII image



    World War II

  • 1946

    Edinburgh City Council buy Riddle’s Court for use as emergency housing after World War ll. The Council install electricity the following year.

  • Edinburgh International Festival image


    Edinburgh International Festival

    The first Edinburgh International Festival takes place after Edinburgh was chosen as the place to keep Glyndebourne Opera alive after the war. 70 years later it’s the world’s permier festival city.

  • 1947

    From 1951 Riddle’s Court is used as a Fringe Venue. Maggie Smith performed here in Cakes and Ale in 1953